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Space Invaders

'Space Invaders' is a site-specific performance and its concept can be applied to different locations. The conditions are that the space we are going to perform has not been 'space invaded' by us yet, and that we have several days on forehand to prepare our performance. The basic idea is to use the location in a way it has not been used before and to leave an impression behind that summarizes our journey during this performance. We do not want to be the main actors, but let the place itself be seen in a different light. By crossing the area through different levels we are putting the focus on the location and will disappear as unseen as we appeared.


At the opening of the new theatre season in the NWE Vorst in Tilburg, we performed 'Space Invaders' for the first time. We got access to the roof tops of their buildings and their garden. After one week of exploring we showed a performance directed by our physical and mental cooperation in unusual situations, a few ropes and some optical illusions. Although through a similar approach, every performance will turn out differently depending on the location.

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